Investing in ambitious small UK businesses

A private investment group seeking exciting SME acquisition opportunities

Welcome to New Path Investments.


We are a team of professional financiers and ex-business owners seeking to make selected investments in smaller UK businesses.


Our service is swift, uncomplicated and professional.  

What We Do.

Investing in selected small businesses

We support business owners who are looking to sell their businesses. 

What is your next step?


We look to acquire all or part of a business to enable owners to fulfil their objectives - whether that is to retire, slow down or change direction in life.


Unlike many investment houses, we are passionate about smaller businesses.  We focus on the £500k - £3m revenue range.  That's where we built our experience; we are business owners ourselves.  We don't focus on any one sector.


We are also different to angel investors, because we keep a light touch.  If we can add value, we will, and we will offer support and advice of course.  But we leave running the business to the management team.


Would you like to have a conversation? 

If the opportunity fits our investment profile we may be able to acquire your business quickly and discretely. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you are looking to come to an arrangement regarding your small business.

New Path Investments
International House

George Curl Way


SO18 2RZ, UK

Tel: 02380 302507

Andrew Hill, Principal:  07973 846121


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